About Us

Elvin is a brand established by a few friends. The inception was when they were individually searching for cards and other gifting options and they realised, there is a dearth in the market for handmade paper products with unique designs at affordable prices for everyone. That is when they came together and Elvin was born. Elvin offers its patrons, a one stop shop for handmade paper products at affordable prices which are highly utility oriented, as well as a vibrant portfolio of gifting options for any possible occasion. Our unique designs and varied gifting options goes to show that you don't need a particular day or occasion to make the people near and dear to you feel special. 

With Elvin, everyday can be made worth treasuring! Elvin showcases a diverse portfolio of products ranging from greeting cards and envelopes all the way to gift boxes and bags. Our focus is on a sustainable model with a green agenda and thus, majority of the products are made from handmade paper, making it one of the most eco-friendly paper around. At the same time, Elvin wants to give back where it takes. Therefore, we donate 10% of profits to sponsor charitable projects not only in communities where Elvin products come from.


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